Transits of the Heart & Soul – the Grand Trine of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune

Get ready for one of the most magical and positive events in astrology! On the 26th June 2013, Jupiter will move out of Gemini and enter Cancer. Soon afterwards, the giant planet which is associated with expansion, adventure and luck will form a Grand Water Trine between guardian angel Saturn in Scorpio and spiritual Neptune in Pisces. This trine will remain in what astrologers call ‘in orb’ for several days – in fact it will be in effect from July 9 until July 27 with the ripples continuing outwards for some time after that.

If you have planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, especially between 1 or 9 degrees of each sign (one of our highly adept astrologers can explain this for you), then you are set to benefit from this the most. This also applies if you have a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces ascendant either as a natal ascendant or as a Solar Return or Progressed rising sign at those degrees (again, please consult an astrologer if this all sounds like astro-babble to you!). However, for all of us, this grand alignment should bring a positive turn of events in the areas of our chart the planets will take up position in. You’ll be able to find out more from your weekly and monthly astrology forecast for this time/

Jupiter has been in what is known as its ‘detriment’ in Gemini. Basically this means that it’s not at its happiest in there. However, it is exalted in Cancer and this will allow Jupiter to shine its blessings on the sometimes difficult and unpredictable events generated by Uranus in Aries. Neptune occupies its own sign of Pisces while Saturn sits in Scorpio – sign of transformation. Saturn is neither in its dignity, exaltation, detriment or fall in this sign so we can say that as far as the influences of the Grand Trine go – Jupiter and Neptune have the upper hand here. However, Saturn in Scorpio is an extremely powerful aspect as Scorpio is all about power and control and Saturn is all about structure and will. Therefore, what Saturn wants to teach us here is to learn to use power effectively – not abuse it! This is particularly applicable when we look at what is happening in the world right now with a lot of established structures such as corporations, financial institutions and government bodies (Saturn) as well as the media and big business (Jupiter), being outed for mis-use of their power. Neptune is asking us to seek a more spiritual, empathic and caring approach to these issues.

On both an individual and collective soul level this Grand Trine can bring us the magical flow of cosmic and spiritual truths which bring untold benefits into our lives when we apply the feminine/yin messages of Cancer to our current issues both personally and globally. We should be seeking emotional connection, nurturing, compassion and gentleness when faced with challenges.

If you have refused to sacrifice your relationships or emotional health in pursuit of career advancement, gratitude for more consumer ‘things’ or inner soul work just to go along with the crowd then congratulations. You are one of the souls who will reap the rewards of this amazing and magical time. Those of us who have listened to their inner voice, tuning into spiritual truths and acting whenever possible out of a desire to heal and share will be unlocking an entirely new phase of soul enlightenment as what they have wished for will seem to magically ‘appear’ all by itself. Those who have been willing to sacrifice others for their greed and ambition and who have engaged in destructive, exploitative and profit-at-any-cost actions however, will find themselves in a different place entirely!

This fabulous Grand Trine also wants to awaken us to an increased awareness of our connectedness to each other and our planet. We are one family and we have but one home – Earth. You may also find if you have had difficulties with your early life or birth family that this transit brings about a healing as we not only let go of these wounds but attract a new ‘family’ of like-minded souls and a new ‘home base’ to share with them.

While other transits point to challenges in the future, this rare Grand Water Trine gives us blessings and protection to weather any rough tides ahead.

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